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How I’m Managing Anxiety Right Now

During this time, I continue to surprise myself with how calm and level-headed I have been. Yes, I know that having many privileges and blessing (comfortable home, enough food, adequate finances, family in good health) factor into my relatively anxiety-free state. But, I’m also actively managing my anxiety levels because I’m very susceptible to low moods and bouts of nervousness that can easily aggravate my fibromyalgia and trigger a flare-up of my symptoms.

For starters, I’ve tried to maintain my normal schedule as much as possible. Remaining committed to a regular schedule can really help you feel “in control” of your circumstances and more relaxed as a result. Along with good nutrition and continuing to take my pain management medications, I also have been incorporating yoga into my routine several times per week. I find that doing stretches and sensing the areas of tension in my body have been crucial in learning to relax and manage my anxiety.

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I pour my feelings into a journal in order to give myself some relief. I have designed over 100 journals that I absolutely love, and I have happily used several of them to capture my musings and to help me manage anxious feelings whenever they arise. I’m glad that I haven’t had to use them daily, but whenever it’s needed, it’s good to know that this method is available to me and it’s effective.

I’m also taking a supplement that I purchased from a local health food store. I cannot guarantee that this supplement will give you amazing results, but I find that it gives me some relief, especially when I’m experiencing fibro symptoms. This hypericum performatum is great and I’ve enjoyed using it occasionally. I’ve found that it really does help with my symptoms

How are you all managing your anxiety right now? Please let me know in the comments below!




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