Here are some of the books that I highly recommend. I have also created a few journals and planners that you may enjoy: I’ll post those here, as well.

My Latest Book! Come To Your Senses: A Guide to Creation Through Sensory Immersion helps you to unlock the power of your five senses and transform your life with conscious creation. Available via ebook and paperback.

Come To Your Senses: A Guide to Creation Through Sensory Immersion

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Write It Down, Make It Happen by Dr. Henriette Anne Klauser

This book changed my life for the better! It explains how the power of the written word can activate the changes we desire in our life.

Degree Hacking: How to Save Money and Get College Credits in Record Time by Tia Delano

My very first published book! I write all about how to use equivalency tests to get the credits needed to complete college at a fraction of tuition costs. I’m so proud of this one! It’s available via ebook format as well as paperback.

Get It Done: The 21-Day Mind Hack System to Double Your Productivity and Finish What You Start by Michael Mackintosh

I reviewed this book a while back, and I love how it helps you put a fail-proof system in place to amp up your productivity and keep you accountable. I highly recommend it for us “creatives” that fall into the traps of procrastination and self-doubt.

Lifestyle Design for a Champagne Life by Cassie Parks

This book goes a bit deeper into the concepts explored by Dr. Klauser in Write it Down, Make it Happen. I enjoy how Cassie uses the art of “scripting” to show people how to design a life so good, they’ll want to raise a glass every day in celebration!

The Renaissance Woman Planner and Day Designer

A large, gorgeous planner that I designed that helps you plan out your days, weeks and entire year! It has everything you need to effectively work toward your big goals and grand visions.

Create Your Vision – A Guided Journal for Lifestyle Redesign 


The perfect journal for creating the life of your dreams! Includes multiple exercises and writing prompts to fast-track your success.