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What I’m Enjoying This Week

Despite being temporarily confined to my home, I’ve been making it a point to enjoy small pleasures each day. This really helps me to maintain a positive attitude and keeps my energy high. I take delight in indulging in little self-care rituals each day.

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I continue to use a modified version of the Korean 10-step skincare approach. My skincare routine has been a source of comfort and relaxation for me. Unfortunately, some of my favorite essence options have increased significantly in price, and I’d rather spend my money on other things. So I have been using the Bliss Rose Gold Rescue Toner Mist as an essence instead. It’s more affordable and easy to use. I’ve found this product to be gentle and lovely. So far, I’ve enjoyed using this tremendously.

I’ve been very interested in optimizing my immune system and giving my body the best chance to operate at its peak. So, I’ve been enjoying this delicious Tiesta Tea Immunity Tea: Chocolate Ginger Turmeric Spiced Cocoa Rooibos Tea. This incredible tea contains delicious bits of chocolate and caramel to offer some subtle sweetness while providing the nutritional benefits of turmeric and ginger. I love to sip this in the evenings as I unwind and prepare for bed.

Because I enjoy the ceremony of drinking a beautiful tea (you all may recall the last time I wrote about my love of tea), I’ve been especially enjoying my tea cup and saucer. I have the Mikasa Love Story set (I’ve shared it here before) but, if you aren’t interested in purchasing the full set, you can get the cup and saucer separately. I love these pieces and use them regularly.

My favorite cup and saucer set

While sipping my tea and unwinding in the evening, I’ve been making it a point to read a good book. Recently, I’ve been reading The Woman’s Herbal Apothecary by JJ Pursell. I’m curious about how herbs, teas and tinctures can be used to heal our bodies. I’m also starting to stock my cupboards with the herbs that I find may be most beneficial on my journey to optimal health.

That’s just a little of what I’m enjoying this week. How about you all: what has been giving you a little peace during this time? I’d love to hear about it!

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