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The Next Art Class(es) On My List . . .

Happy Friday, beloveds! The weekend is here and, I must admit, I’ve been feeling pretty fired up for the past few weeks. I was determined to have a strong start to my year, and so far, I’ve kept my word. I’ve been focusing on everything that I want and need to get done so that I can accomplish the goals I’ve set for the year.

If you all recall, in my New Years goals post, I mentioned that I wanted to eventually transition into a career in the art world (hence this blog’s gentle but steady turning toward more art-related content). I intend to take some in-person courses through Christie’s but I am also supplementing those courses with some online education.


Women’s Art Class by Louis Lang (1814 – 1893), at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I’m an autodidact, so I’m very comfortable with teaching myself. You all will probably recall the art course on Alison that I’m currently taking (I’m doing this one very leisurely, though I’m already about 50% done with the material). However, I occasionally enjoy having a structure to lean on while I’m learning. That’s why I was excited to see that Coursera is offering several arts courses this year, that can either be completed without a certificate (the no-cost option) or with a certificate of completion offered (has a small fee). Since I’m doing these courses for personal development and I don’t intend to provide certification to anyone in the future, I’m doing the no-cost option.

The two classes I’m taking are Modern Art & Ideas and Fashion as Design. Both classes are taught by Museum of Modern Art curators, researchers and directors. If you find that you benefit from interaction with other students and a more structured format, then Coursera’s offerings may be a good fit for you.

I’m looking forward to learning more about modern art and fashion. I can’t wait to share what I learned with you all!

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