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Reading List: February’s Book

Are you all enjoying The Four Hour Work Week? I know that I am! In fact, I’m really glad for the snow days I had a couple of weeks ago, because it helped me to manage all of the reading I had to do this month.

February’s reading selection should be a great read, though I already know that it’ll be nearly impossible to complete all of the exercises during the month. Ok, I’ll admit it: I’m cheating a bit. You see, I’m already reading this book, along with January’s selection, and another book that was recommended by a mentor. So I’m reading THREE books this month (not an outrageous number for me, but I’m avidly taking notes and plan on discussing each of them, so this is far more tedious than my normal leisurely reading).

The book for February is “How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci” by Michael Gelb. This book is supposed to help us uplevel to the status of genius, through seven simple steps that we can incorporate daily. I’m currently reading for comprehension, but during the month of February, I’ll be reading for implementation and integration into my life.


Have any of you already read “How to Think”? Let me know in the comments, and (without spoilers, please!) let us know what you thought of the book!

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