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Releasing Tolerations: A Follow-Up

As you all know, I am completing the challenge to get rid of 500 items during the month of December (you can read about it here). For simplicity’s sake, I’m just lumping it under the umbrella of “Releasing Tolerations”.

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(Cartoon depiction of me during this challenge)

So, I’m halfway through the month and I’ve been breezing through this exercise, which tells me three things:

  1. I have (had?) way too many items that were taking up space and not enhancing my life.
  2. This purge was overdue.
  3. My easy release of these space occupiers is proof that I’m ready for the next chapter of my life, and I’m not letting anything hold me back.

According to my count, I’ve gotten rid of roughly 125 items (I’ve done a little more than the daily amounts). I’ll update again at the end of the month, and let you all know how it’s gone.

At this rate, I may repeat the exercise again in January LOL! I already feel “lighter”, more energized, and accomplished. It feels good to know that you’re clearing space for things that will enhance your life and assist you with going to the next level.

This has been fun! Keep your fingers crossed for me as I power through the second half of this challenge!

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