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Free Art Education At Your Fingertips

As you all recall from my 2018 goals post, I plan to transition into an art-related career. I’m not exactly sure where I want to fall in that world (consultant, curator, collector, advisor, etc.) but I know that the art world has the excitement, beauty and adventure that I crave.

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(photo courtesy of

Before I can dive into that world, however, I need to get more educated on art. I’m not a complete novice (I’ve spent lots of time in museums and I’m a voracious reader) but  I could benefit from some more targeted instruction. And, until the weather begins to warm up, I’d prefer online courses, so that I can learn without having to leave the house.

With that in mind, I’m excited to share with you all the free art course I found on ALISON. The class, Great Artists and Their Works, allows students to learn about 8 of the most famous names in art history. Learning about these artists and their seminal works has been tremendously rewarding for me. I just finished the Michaelangelo module and I will start learning about Raphael with my next module.

This course is wonderful for anyone that wants to bolster their art knowledge without a large financial investment. All that this course requires is time and a good internet connection. I fully intend to take advantage of this, and other, online learning opportunities. I have a few other courses that I plan to take this year, to help me really broaden my art knowledge base and prepare for my new career in the art world.

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The Result of My Toleration Release Experiment

It’s been several days since I completed my toleration release exercise for 2017. I wrote about it initially in this post, but I also gave an update in this subsequent post. I’m really excited to tell you about the outcome of that experiment.

As a quick recap, I’ll explain the specifics of this exercise. The goal was to release/discard items every day in the month of December, and the number of items I released had to correspond with the date of the month (1 items on December 1st, 2 items on December 2nd, so on, until 31 items on December 31st). At the end of the month, the items released/discarded should total nearly 500 items.

I didn’t release 500 items. I did release 450, and I’m very proud of that.

prawny me uk

She makes it look so easy! (image courtesy of Prawny Me UK)

I could have released more, but I’ll be the first to admit, this was HARD to do! I’m still sifting through a lot of stuff and coming up with more things I should discard, but I can’t come up with more than two or three items a day that I’m perfectly fine with releasing. I can say, unequivocally, trying to reduce my possessions has been a challenge. But I’m glad I tried, and I’m really proud of what I did accomplish.

I’ve resolved to do this again in a couple of months, and I’ll focus on clearing out some of (well, most of) the junk in my attic. I think I’d benefit from doing this at least once a quarter, so I’m sure I’ll have more to say about toleration release throughout the year.

Have any of you taken a stab at releasing tolerations? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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Taking Time for Me

One of the gifts I’ll give myself for 2018 is a social media fast. I’ll still maintain the Instagram account related to this blog, and I’ll also be sure to continue doing my daily posts (as I have for months now).


Truly carefree : this is how I’m living (photo from Shutterstock)

But I’ve grown weary of people “living” on social media and not taking advantage of life OFFLINE. Worst, I don’t want to become one of those people.

I’m excited to spend this self-imposed hiatus taking care of all of the things that I want ticked and tied before I jump headfirst into my big goals. This break is overdue and much needed.

Don’t forget to take time for YOU as this new year begins.

Love and blessings to you all!

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Preparing for 2018: The Advantage of Setting Impossible Goals

2018 is almost here and I’ve got a final “Preparing for 2018” post for you all. I saved this one for last, not just because it’s my favorite (though it is), but because I truly feel that doing this is key to great goal setting.

Here’s the thing: goals that are easy to attain tend to feel “flat” when accomplished. Realistic goals may be great for boosting confidence but they don’t offer you any inspiration.

That’s why you should always have some impossible goals on your list.

Now, all of your goals shouldn’t be impossible. After all, how long will you continue shooting for those goals if you feel like you can’t reach any of them? Your fire and zeal won’t last long if you feel like you keep failing. You do, however, need some goals that light you up and put some pep in your step.

You can’t let your energy get cold, which is where those impossible goals come in. Impossible goals have FIRE, and FIRE keeps your energy from going cold.

I set an impossible goal in 2016. What made it impossible, you ask? Well, I wasn’t 100% on where it would take me, or even that I was ready for it. All I knew was that I know how I wanted to feel when that goal was accomplished.

My goal was to land in my dream job. I wrote out my goal in April 2016. I had my dream job by August 2016. Now a “job” may not feel impossible for most people, but this is the job I’ve wanted since 2008. It took nearly a decade to get it, but it happened only four months after I did the steps I mentioned in previous Preparing for 2018 posts.

Setting “impossible” goals can work for you. And if you need help in accomplishing your goal, just click on the “Preparing for 2018” tag below, and you’ll see all of the other posts I’ve written that can help you on your journey.

I have more to say about goals in general, but this is it for the Preparing for 2018 series. I hope you all enjoyed it!


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Releasing Tolerations: A Follow-Up

As you all know, I am completing the challenge to get rid of 500 items during the month of December (you can read about it here). For simplicity’s sake, I’m just lumping it under the umbrella of “Releasing Tolerations”.

all free downloads

(Cartoon depiction of me during this challenge)

So, I’m halfway through the month and I’ve been breezing through this exercise, which tells me three things:

  1. I have (had?) way too many items that were taking up space and not enhancing my life.
  2. This purge was overdue.
  3. My easy release of these space occupiers is proof that I’m ready for the next chapter of my life, and I’m not letting anything hold me back.

According to my count, I’ve gotten rid of roughly 125 items (I’ve done a little more than the daily amounts). I’ll update again at the end of the month, and let you all know how it’s gone.

At this rate, I may repeat the exercise again in January LOL! I already feel “lighter”, more energized, and accomplished. It feels good to know that you’re clearing space for things that will enhance your life and assist you with going to the next level.

This has been fun! Keep your fingers crossed for me as I power through the second half of this challenge!

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Preparing for 2018: Releasing Tolerations

Happy Monday, friends! Can you all believe that we are just a few days away from the LAST month of the year?!?! I am in awe of how quickly 2017 has passed. This was a good year, but I’m excited for how awesome 2018 will be!

As part of the Preparing for 2018 series, I want to share a very powerful tool for clearing mental/physical/emotional “space”. This practice can really help make room for all of the good stuff that you want to come into your life.

The practice is, of course, releasing tolerations. This involves removing anything that doesn’t enhance your life or boost your energy. The energy drainers may be physical (living with lots of clutter is a good example), emotional (perhaps some unresolved issues around self-worth) or mental (maybe a colossal to-do list that never seems to shrink). Additionally, this is a way of “clearing the deck” so you have more energy to focus on the things that you enjoy. If you’re curious about learning what tolerations are, check out this post and this one, over at Good Vibe Blog. Jeannette Maw has done an excellent job of explaining tolerations and how they affect your ability to create the life that you want.

To prepare for the upcoming year, I’m going to work on clearing my physical space even more. I have some big plans for the upcoming year and reducing my possessions is one thing that needs to happen in order to best realize at least two of those big goals (I’ll share more about those goals in 2018).

I’ll be doing the 30 day challenge as mentioned by Terri Savelle Foy in the video I’m linking below. Information about the challenge is at the 21:30 mark (start at 19:35 for all of the tips related to releasing tolerations):

Every day in the month of December, I’ll discard an item corresponding with the date of the month (one item on the 1st, two items on the 2nd, 3 on the 3rd, etc.,). I will keep going until I reach December 31st, by which point I would have eliminated nearly 500 items from my life. Some items will be thrown away, while others will be donated to charity or given away to family and friends. In any case, the items will be leaving my space for good.

You can either try this particular challenge, or maybe try one of Jeannette’s recommendations. No matter what you decide to do, eliminating tolerations is a great way to prepare for the upcoming year.

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Preparing for 2018: Prioritize Fun

Oh, you thought that the Preparing for 2018 series was done? Not hardly, mes amis!

Despite all of the more “serious” posts in the Preparing for 2018, I want it to be clear that preparing for the upcoming year is FUN! You should be enjoying this process. If you aren’t having fun, then it’s time to prioritize fun and indulge in it regularly. The best way to get what you want – in an enjoyable manner – is to approach it all with a sense of fun and hopefulness.

I mean, you could work hard, hate making certain moves, and eventually get to the end goal that you desire. Lots of people trudge their way to their goals, and embracing extraordinary difficulties is often praised in our culture (so much so, I’ve seen people go out of their way to make things harder for themselves!).  I’ve seen the notion that the only way to have an “authentic” journey, worthy of a grand goal at the finish line, is to experience many pains and hardships, along with zero happiness as you make those critical moves.


But how much nicer is it when you punctuate your journey with joy, levity and adventure? Every day may not be a party, but we’re shooting for, at minimum, periodically pleasant. Having some fun can often give you the push you need to keep going forward with your plans.

And if your plans are constantly depressing, draining, or drudgery, it’s time for new dreams. Seriously. Sometimes what we want has changed and we don’t even know it. Or, we’ve invested so much to get to this point that we’re afraid that we’ll lose everything if we switch gears.

Only you can answer whether your investment (of time, energy, finances or other resources) is worth continued misery. For some, a short period of misery may be worth it. But sometimes, it’s better to scrap the entire plan and start over.

In any case, start prioritizing fun. Remember to do things that make you laugh, warm your heart, or give you a sense of satisfaction.

And do it TODAY. Tomorrow is promised to no one.


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Preparing for 2018: A Resource for Developing Your Vision

Happy Hump Day! And YAY for making it to November 1st! You already know that I’m doing NaNowWriMo, so a lot of the posts for this month will be brief but (hopefully) useful.

You can check out the links at the bottom of this post to see the rest of the “Preparing for 2018” series. Today’s post is going to provide a resource that will help you get clear on what you envision for your life, both next year and for years to come.

Screenshot 2017-10-29 at 10.01.42 PM - Edited

(photo courtesy of

Rosetta Thurman of has created an amazing guide that will help you shine a light on multiple areas of your life, and will guide you in finding out what your ideal life looks like.

With your ideal life clearly envisioned, you can figure out what steps need to happen in the next year, in order to get you closer to your dream. You can download the guide here. By the way, this resource works for anyone, not just happy Black women. So no matter what your demographic is, check it out! I think you’ll find it very useful.


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Preparing for 2018: Listening to Your Intuition

Hi friends! I hope you all are feeling wonderful, wherever you are. I’m gearing up for an exciting November, but I wanted to make sure to share this post that I think will help you as you prepare for an awesome 2018.

I previously wrote about what should happen before you set any goals and the importance of committing your goals in writing. But this post is, undoubtedly, one of the most difficult steps for really going after your goals.

You must become an expert at listening to your intuition.

exemplore(perfect photo courtesy of

I struggle with explaining this concept, so I will advise you now to check out Jeannette Maw, my favorite law of attraction (LOA) coach. Jeannette’s blog, Good Vibe Blog, and it’s companion, Good Vibe University, have been invaluable in offering ideas for reaching goals more efficiently. Jeannette also has a fantastic podcast, LOA Recon.

I came across Jeannette after listening to some other LOA podcasts and reading some books about deliberate creation. At the end of this post, I will reference the best podcasts and articles that Jeannette has written on the topic of listening to intuition, or “guidance” as she likes to put it (I use the terms interchangeably, and have really gotten fond of using “guidance” to describe those internal “hunches”).

Your intuition is constantly giving you feeback on what you should do. Getting really familiar with how you truly feel is key to recognizing intuition when it speaks. And trust me: when you’re at a crossroad, or confused about what to do next, your intuition has an answer. All you have to do is get quiet enough to listen to it.


Meditation or, at very minimum, getting quiet, can help you listen to your intuition (photo courtesy of

That’s right: you have to get quiet. Remove as much exterior “stimuli” as you can, get quiet, and be still. You can say aloud, or quietly to yourself, what you desire and make it plain that you’re confused about how to get it. Don’t attempt to think it through: just state it and relax. Then, start listening for sensations in your body or unexplainable thoughts coming to mind. How does your stomach feel? Do you have chills/goosebumps? Did a thought pop randomly into your head? Look around you: does anything in your physical space catch your eye? Pay attention without overthinking. If it helps, write down whatever comes to mind, for as long as you feel like it.

The more you practice listening, the easier it will be to recognize when your intuition is speaking to you. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself: a light touch works really well for this sort of thing. If you don’t come up with any hunches, then put the practice to rest while you do something else. Sometimes, giving yourself a break can be wonderful for helping you find the real answer.

There is one condition that I like to emphasize: your best bet, when taking a break, is to only do what feels best (Jeannette advises the same thing). The better you are about this, the more likely you are to actually start hearing your intuition loud and clear.

If you can master this, you will reach your goals more quickly and effortlessly than you could have ever dreamed.

If you struggle with listening to your intuition, check out Jeannette’s resources here:

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Preparing for 2018: Commit It In Writing

“Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie, though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” (Habakkuk 2:2, 3)

Happy Tuesday, loves! Look at me, already with a third part of the Preparing for 2018 series (Have you missed the other parts? Catch up here and here). This series is part inspiration, part instruction, and part reverse engineering. There’s no better way to duplicate success than to analyze what you did and try to recreate the results.

As part of the Preparing for 2018 series, I want to touch on one of the most powerful tools I’ve used on my journey. Without it, I’m not sure that I would have made progress as quickly as I did. That tool is, of course, the power of WRITING my goals.

I use writing to not only clarify my goals, but to help me identify my stumbling blocks, visualize the steps needed to accomplish my goals, as well as reflect upon what worked well and where I should apply some course correction. Writing is my favorite recommendation to anyone trying to turn their dreams into reality.

I advise everyone to get a journal and use it for capturing thoughts when inspiration hits. But, in this case, I go a little further: having a journal dedicated to your 2018 vision can really help you materialize what you want faster. Funny enough, writing down what’s happening all around us may help us see that what we really desire – happiness, prosperity, love – is already present in our lives: we just needed to pay closer attention.

Here is a book that I’ve referenced many times over more than ten years (!), which explains how to use writing in powerful ways:

I’ll do a review on “Write It Down, Make It Happen” by Dr. Henriette Anne Klauser in a future post. But for now, let me just tell you that this book is my ultimate guide when it comes to inspired writing. And, for the upcoming year, writing down your goals and vision should be nonnegotiable. After all, we actually want to accomplish our dreams, and writing them down will put you ahead of the game in so many ways; why wouldn’t you want such a powerful advantage?

That’s it for today. I have a special little series coming up soon, so look out for that. Until tomorrow . . .