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Preparing for 2018: Listening to Your Intuition

Hi friends! I hope you all are feeling wonderful, wherever you are. I’m gearing up for an exciting November, but I wanted to make sure to share this post that I think will help you as you prepare for an awesome 2018.

I previously wrote about what should happen before you set any goals and the importance of committing your goals in writing. But this post is, undoubtedly, one of the most difficult steps for really going after your goals.

You must become an expert at listening to your intuition.

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I struggle with explaining this concept, so I will advise you now to check out Jeannette Maw, my favorite law of attraction (LOA) coach. Jeannette’s blog, Good Vibe Blog, and it’s companion, Good Vibe University, have been invaluable in offering ideas for reaching goals more efficiently. Jeannette also has a fantastic podcast, LOA Recon.

I came across Jeannette after listening to some other LOA podcasts and reading some books about deliberate creation. At the end of this post, I will reference the best podcasts and articles that Jeannette has written on the topic of listening to intuition, or “guidance” as she likes to put it (I use the terms interchangeably, and have really gotten fond of using “guidance” to describe those internal “hunches”).

Your intuition is constantly giving you feeback on what you should do. Getting really familiar with how you truly feel is key to recognizing intuition when it speaks. And trust me: when you’re at a crossroad, or confused about what to do next, your intuition has an answer. All you have to do is get quiet enough to listen to it.


Meditation or, at very minimum, getting quiet, can help you listen to your intuition (photo courtesy of

That’s right: you have to get quiet. Remove as much exterior “stimuli” as you can, get quiet, and be still. You can say aloud, or quietly to yourself, what you desire and make it plain that you’re confused about how to get it. Don’t attempt to think it through: just state it and relax. Then, start listening for sensations in your body or unexplainable thoughts coming to mind. How does your stomach feel? Do you have chills/goosebumps? Did a thought pop randomly into your head? Look around you: does anything in your physical space catch your eye? Pay attention without overthinking. If it helps, write down whatever comes to mind, for as long as you feel like it.

The more you practice listening, the easier it will be to recognize when your intuition is speaking to you. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself: a light touch works really well for this sort of thing. If you don’t come up with any hunches, then put the practice to rest while you do something else. Sometimes, giving yourself a break can be wonderful for helping you find the real answer.

There is one condition that I like to emphasize: your best bet, when taking a break, is to only do what feels best (Jeannette advises the same thing). The better you are about this, the more likely you are to actually start hearing your intuition loud and clear.

If you can master this, you will reach your goals more quickly and effortlessly than you could have ever dreamed.

If you struggle with listening to your intuition, check out Jeannette’s resources here:

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