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A Word to the Late Bloomers . . .

Happy Monday, beloveds! I want to start off this week with a little encouragement for the “ugly” ducklings that are still trying to find their groove. It’s going to be okay, really it is. You may not know it, but you’re on the cusp of being your best, most amazing self.

I realized that I needed to write this post after talking to one of my fellow late bloomers. We mentioned how much more fun we would have had years ago if we were aware of the tools that could improve our looks and lives. We live in a shallow world: having advantages in the looks department is powerful. But, we were both late bloomers: awkward, conditioned to “fade” into the background, and constantly grasping for our most confident selves.

It took years of reflection, experimentation, and even some harsh critiques, but we’re both looking and feeling our best. Changing our diets, wardrobes, hairstyles, and perspective has done wonders for both of us. We’re finally “pretty” girls, and this side of life has been wonderful. The best thing of all is that being more confident in our physical presentation has led to us meeting more people, and those people eventually discover that our interior beauty – the beauty that never fades – is the most captivating part of us. The “pretty” packaging draws people to us, and those people can get to experience the inner beauty that’s been there all along.


The inner beauty is always the most import (from ForHarriet)


You all have seen my Boohoo hauls (here and here) but you don’t know that I amped up my hairstyling game, too. I recently started setting my hair in Rita Hayworth-esque waves and curls. The attention I’ve gotten has been mind-blowing, especially since my hair is the same length and color: all that has changed is the curliness. I also pared down my makeup, focusing more on intense eyes and less on matte, full-coverage foundation. Again, the attention I’ve gotten is astounding.


Current hair inspiration, Rita Hayworth (from Allison Barbera Makeup)


My advice to any late bloomers is to continue experimenting and have fun on the journey. Looking like an airbrushed supermodel isn’t the goal: finding a look that makes you feel your best is what you should shoot for. Take care of yourself, and be gentle with yourself. You’ll find your lane, I promise.

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