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Classy Looks for Less: Boohoo Clothing

Happy Monday, beloveds! What’s more fun on a Monday than discussing fashion and beauty?

This post is all about a Boohoo haul, and the classy looks I scored for under $75.

I know, I know. The words “Boohoo” and “classy” generally aren’t listed in the same sentence, unless also coupled with the words “is not”. Before you all think that I’ve lost my mind, let me assure you that I’ve ordered multiple times from Boohoo, so I’m aware that the clothing on that site caters to the young, partying crowd. Many of the styles are the antithesis of “classy”.

But I love a good challenge, and I wanted to refresh my wardrobe without spending too much. After all, I’m still deciding on what clothes should be included in my fall/winter capsule wardrobe.



I ordered four dresses from Boohoo few weeks ago. The styles I ordered were the Eva Tie Waist Fitted Dress in Cobalt, the Cesca Split Sleeve Detail Wiggle Midi Dress in Berry, the Hollie Fitted Midi Tailored Dress in Silver, and the Karina Tie Waist Midi Dress in Rose.

Here’s Cesca in Berry (photo courtesy of Boohoo)

Here’s the benefit of these dresses: the styles are classy and perfect for the office. These come in a variety of colors, so if you find a style that is particularly flattering, you can always buy more. These dresses are very inexpensive: Boohoo frequently has sales on their items (when I purchased these, they were 50% off of the advertised price). Also, Boohoo is an eBates affliate, so you qualify for a cashback percentage for your purchase. Every Boohoo purchase gives you the opportunity to get money back on top of the savings you’re receiving by purchasing items during their sales.


Hollie in Silver (photo courtesy of Boohoo)

The grand total for my four dresses: $64, after all discounts are applied. There were also no shipping fees, so there were no hidden expenses when I checked out.

Disclaimer: as with anything, you get what you pay for. The clothing is inexpensive for a reason: the dresses aren’t lined and the material feels thin. While the items aren’t completely transparent, you will need a slip or camisole to prevent from showing every dimple and fold (if that sort of thing doesn’t bother you, then disregard it). I am concerned that these may not hold up to normal laundry cycles, so I’ll be sure to use a lingerie/delicates bag when washing these dresses. Only time will tell if the colors remain true, as well. These dresses have no zippers, which isn’t necesssarily a dealbreaker. However, no zipper means the dresses will have to be pulled off and on over the head, which can lead to stretched out, misshapen necklines.


Karina in Rose

Overall, I feel that the products I received were worth the prices that I paid. I’m estimating my cost-per-wear (CPW) at 67 cents per dress if I can wear each dress at least 24 times over the next year (averaging 2 times a month per dress). Assuming that these dresses last for 24 wears, I feel that I would have easily gotten my money’s worth. It’ll be even better if I can get these dresses to last beyond 24 wears! In fact, if these dresses hold up beyond 3 washes, they will probably comprise a good portion of my capsule wardrobe. I’ll keep you all posted on how these hold up during the winter (I plan to layer these with cardigans, blazers, leggings and knee-high boots so that I can stay warm during the colder months).

Thanks for stopping by, and make sure you drop by tomorrow, when I discuss one of my recent hotel stays!

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