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Transition to Fall

I absolutely despise having to let go of summer.

Yes, I know that I do this every year. But, truthfully, it never gets any easier.

Sunshine and warm weather make me feel ALIVE. I bloom during the summertime. And who doesn’t want that? Who doesn’t want to BLOOM?

So then transition to fall and cooler temps is probably my least favorite time of year. Not necessarily because it feels uncomfortable, but because I like longer days and not having to opt for jackets in the morning.

But there is an upside to cooler days – more glamorous fashion LOL! I love fall clothing, especially tailored dresses in slightly heavier fabrics, longer sleeves and richer colors. I still stick to the old rule of “no white after Labor Day”, so I pack up my bright white clothes early in September. But I promptly break out my jewel toned garments that look perfectly appropriate for the cooler days ahead.


(I don’t even watch Scandal, but every time I see a photo of Kerry Washington’s fashions, I’m inspired. Come on – who WOULDN’T want to look this glamorous during the fall/winter? Photo courtesy of

My coloring is well suited to the typical “Winter” palette colors (as first explained by the Color Me Beautiful system). So rich, pure colors, cool undertones, and sumptuous fabrics work really well for me. Truth be told, the wardrobe options are the only things that keep me going during the winter.

That, and knee-high boots. I live for knee-high boots.

I had to update my wardrobe and get some better fall/winter ensembles, so I ordered a few things. I also want to get a capsule wardrobe going, so I’ll have to get a bit organized and figure out what items are belong in my set of core “must haves”, and which items can be either stored or given away to charity.  I’ll review my purchases soon, but in the meantime, do you all have any favorite things about the fall/winter that you’d like to share? Please let me know in the comments below!


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