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Highlights from “Outliers”

Well, dear friends, I finally finished “Outliers”. As you all are aware, this tome has been on my reading list for several weeks (actually several years, but let’s not judge). I have actually squeezed in a couple of other books since I posted about “Outliers”, but those were rereads and not particularly applicable to the content of this blog. However, I set a firm date for when I’d finish this book, and that motivated me to get focused.


If there is any singular thing I took away from “Outliers”, it’s this: success isn’t the result of a sole action/incident. The most noteworthy successes are the result of a “perfect storm” of conditions, attitudes, timing, and serendipity. There are many things we can control about achieving success, but many other things are the exterior elements beyond our control. Fortunately, there are instances where even what appears to be obstacles or downright walls separating us from our desires are actually the catalyst behind getting the skills needed to rise above everyone else and achieve unprecedented success.

Here are some of the highlights I gleaned during my reading of “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell.

  • The infamous “10,000 Hour Rule” is best supported by serendipitous timing, but the expertise gained from continual practice can still put you lightyears ahead of the pack.
  • Having a genius IQ is great, but without other advantages (like personality, connections, or wealth), it isn’t a guarantee of success. In fact, without those other supporting attributes, being a genius can be a frustrating path.
  • Community and network are CRUCIAL to success. The influence of community and network is particularly powerful as children, as this molds identity and behaviors that will remain throughout your lifetime.

I can’t recommend this book enough! I plan to hand this off to a few friends that could use the information.

Have you all read “Outliers”? What was your favorite takeaway? Let me know in the comments below!

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