Review: Leezeshaw Dress

I was hesitant to do this review, because I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t recommending a poorly made product. Leezeshaw is one of the many Chinese companies that sell clothing on Amazon, and if you have ordered from one of these companies before, you know the problems that can occur.

For starters, most Chinese vendors use Chinese fit models, which means that the clothing is fitted to the bodies of women that are overwhelmingly rectangular-shaped (not much difference between the bust, waist and hip measurements). This is okay if you are also rectangular-shaped, but for women with hourglass, apple, or cone shapes, this means that the garment will not fit properly.

There’s also the issue of size conversion. You have to carefully read the item descriptions to see how to convert from Chinese to US sizes. One misstep, and you’ll have a garment that doesn’t fit and costs a fortune to send back. I’ve done this and ended up just giving the item to charity: shipping it back to the vendor wasn’t worth the cost or hassle.

So it’s with careful consideration that I’m bringing you this post. I purchase this Leezeshaw dress last winter, right before New Years Day. I ordered it in a size large (even though, in US sizes, I bounce between sizes 6 and 8). The dress has a vintage shape that appealed to me. I am pleased to say that this dress was a home run: 

I’ve worn it to work multiple times, and it is still in fabulous condition. I wash it in a lingerie bag, just to prevent some of the damage that can come from washer machine agitation. Here’s how the dress looks while wearing it:

Since this shade of white is more like a winter white, I’ve worn it all year round. The dress has long sleeves, so it’s suitable for cool days but it’s unlined, so it can also be worn on warm days, too (it’s perfect for offices that believe that subarctic air conditioning temps are appropriate during the summer). During the winter months, I often layer this dress with leggings and a silk slip underneath for warmth. I also wear knee-high boots that offer even more warmth.

This dress is elegant and classy, and it’s also affordable at $25.99. I am considering adding some more Leezeshaw pieces to my wardrobe soon!

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