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Dreaming of Costa Rica . . .

With this recent string of cold days (what other weather would I expect in November in Virginia? I digress), all I’m thinking about is getting away to somewhere warm and sunny. Somewhere like . . . Costa Rica.

expedia costa rica

(photo courtesy of Expedia)

I’ve dreamed about a Costa Rican vacation for well over a year now. Aside from the tropical weather and beautiful water, I really want to see the sloths.

I mean, what’s cuter than a baby sloth?


(photo courtesy of

The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica makes it possible for visitors to tour and learn more about sloths in a safe, protected environment. I can’t wait to visit!

I won’t be going to Costa Rica this winter, but I may make it happen during the early months of 2019. I have a different adventure planned for this upcoming year (specifically, February 2018). I’m staying mum on the details of trip until after I’ve purchased the tickets, hotel rooms, and travel visas.

I can’t wait to share that with you! But in the meantime, just dream of Costa Rica with me . . .

Talk to you all tomorrow!


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