My Favorite Boohoo Dress

I mentioned my Boohoo hauls in two previous posts (this one and this one). I’ll be doing an update on how those pieces are holding up in a few weeks. However, this post is all about my favorite piece from one of those hauls.

I was surprised that this one was my favorite: after all, I got a LOT of dresses, and each one was adorable. I also tend to favor bright colors that really make my complexion POP: a neutral dress isn’t normally my first choice.

So, this was an unlikely winner, but just look at it:


IMG_1936 - Edited

The Eloise Dress by Boohoo has stolen my heart! Now, I know you’re thinking: it’s navy, and it’s cute, but WHY is it your favorite?

Uhm, are you all seeing the CURVES this dress creates?!?! Putting this dress on is like slipping into an instantly hourglass-y body. It looks chic, classy and still a bit sexy. I wore it with a tan shawl and I looked like I belonged in a different tax bracket!

Also, there are gathers in the dress’s waist, which helps disguise any bloat or poochy tummy issues. The dress hits right at the knee, and the slightly flared sleeves are a godsend for those of us that aren’t enslaved to tricep-toning exercies.

Here’s a link to the dress for your convenience: Eloise Dress. Right now, the dress is only $10, but it’s selling out fast. I bought another one in black, and I barely even wear solid black dresses. That’s JUST how much I love this design.

Go ahead and get your Eloise dress. You deserve it.

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