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My Boohoo Wish List

It’s been quite some time since I discussed fashion on this blog. I take it that this means that I’m starting to feel more like my old self (which is a good thing!). I still love fashion, though it took a backseat to my physical and emotional health over the past 18 months.

However, a recent haul video done by the lovely Jessica over at Wigs and Wanderlust reminded me of my love of Boohoo clothing. The clothing is, as I’ve heard it described, “cheap and cheerful”, but the designs are cute and last a while when you take good care of them. So I decided to see what beauties Boohoo had for me. I wasn’t disappointed with what I saw!

Full disclosure: I adore midi length dresses, so pretty much everything will be a little longer than many of the designs offered on Boohoo. I will occasionally wear a shorter length, but something about midi-length dresses make me feel sleek and more elegant.

This square neck midi skater dress is dreamy: it looks cute and summery, and there’s a lot of potential to dress it up or down. I’d love to get this one in a couple of colors.


The pleated bodice on this midi dress is so dynamic, yet the overall silhouette is controlled and sleek. The pleated top bandeau midi dress is a great option for a summertime cocktail party.


The puff sleeves may sound a little silly, but paired with the structured bodice and sweetheart neckline, this organza mesh puff sleeve midi dress is a stunning study in harmonious contrasts.


The blue version of this dress reminds me a bit of a design offered on Boohoo a few years ago that I adored. However, I like the white version of this bust detail porcelain print midi dress. I’m not sure if the print is visible in person, as it would be white-on-white. But if it has a slight contrast, it could be very pretty when viewed in real life.


These are just a few of the designs that won my heart over at Boohoo. I don’t have anywhere fancy to wear them, but at this point, I love dressing up to walk around the house LOL!

Have you been making any wish lists recently? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!


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Using Kibbe’s Metamorphosis to Enhance My Style

One of my passions is fashion, as you all already know. I love shopping and I’m constantly trying to refine and perfect my personal style. Luckily, I am friends with some other stylish ladies that are on the same path: we are all seeking to create the best physical presentation of ourselves.

An absolute angel in a Facebook group I’m part of posted some information on David Kibbe and I started reading it out of curiosity. Imagine my surprise as I discovered the secret to mastering a consistent and impeccable personal style! As it turns out, the best way to style your clothing is to use your body type and facial features as a guide. It’s genius: emphasize your natural curves and lines, and you can’t help but look your best!

I did the Kibbe quizzes linked here, here and here.  The first link is a quick summary of the Kibbe quiz, and the subsequent links are the two-part quiz with photo illustrations. You have to combine the results of Part 1 and Part 2 to come up with an overall score. The quizzes confirmed that I’m a Soft Classic, which resonates deeply with my personal tastes.


Some Soft Classic staples (from Pinterest)

This revelation both excites and frustrates me a bit. Now that I have a clear idea of what silhouettes will most flatter me, I have to go through my closet and clear out the items that don’t suit me. This will be an ongoing project for the next couple of weeks, but it will be worth it.


This dress that I purchased from Boohoo is perfect for a Soft Classic

So far, the Truth is Beauty website has been one of the best ones for explaining the Classic archetype and the Soft Classic (Romantic Classic) subtype. I can’t wait to show you all how I factor this new information into my style repertoire!



Boohoo Dresses – An Update

As you all recall, I had several Boohoo hauls that I wrote about here and here. I just wanted to give you all an update on my dresses.

Since it’s been ridiculously cold in the Mid-Atlantic region, I’ve only been consistently wearing one of my Boohoo dresses: the Flo Ribbed Hi-Neck Dress (see photo below; as a side note, this color is no longer available at Boohoo, but there are still a lot of other color options to choose from on the website).




This dress has been perfect for the chillier weather, since it’s thin enough to layer but has long sleeves and a slightly below-the-knee length. I’ve worn it with a blazer and knee-high boots, and it’s still a favorite! Here’s how I wore it before the weather got extra chilly:

IMG_1930 - Edited.jpg

While I had all of the dresses in rotation, I washed all of them at least twice, using a lingerie bag and regular wash cycle. I’m pleased to say that ALL of the dresses are still in excellent condition: no loose strings, fading, stretching or otherwise damaged fabric.

I have to say, these dresses have held up beautifully and were a great value. I look forward to wearing them again when the weather warms up!


My Favorite Boohoo Dress

I mentioned my Boohoo hauls in two previous posts (this one and this one). I’ll be doing an update on how those pieces are holding up in a few weeks. However, this post is all about my favorite piece from one of those hauls.

I was surprised that this one was my favorite: after all, I got a LOT of dresses, and each one was adorable. I also tend to favor bright colors that really make my complexion POP: a neutral dress isn’t normally my first choice.

So, this was an unlikely winner, but just look at it:


IMG_1936 - Edited

The Eloise Dress by Boohoo has stolen my heart! Now, I know you’re thinking: it’s navy, and it’s cute, but WHY is it your favorite?

Uhm, are you all seeing the CURVES this dress creates?!?! Putting this dress on is like slipping into an instantly hourglass-y body. It looks chic, classy and still a bit sexy. I wore it with a tan shawl and I looked like I belonged in a different tax bracket!

Also, there are gathers in the dress’s waist, which helps disguise any bloat or poochy tummy issues. The dress hits right at the knee, and the slightly flared sleeves are a godsend for those of us that aren’t enslaved to tricep-toning exercies.

Here’s a link to the dress for your convenience: Eloise Dress. Right now, the dress is only $10, but it’s selling out fast. I bought another one in black, and I barely even wear solid black dresses. That’s JUST how much I love this design.

Go ahead and get your Eloise dress. You deserve it.


Additional Boohoo Purchases

I added a few additional items from Boohoo to my wardrobe. Previously, I purchased several dresses from the company and I’ve enjoyed them. But, I needed a few more items with longer sleeves and that are better suited to the cool weather. I ended up selecting four new dresses: Flo Ribbed High Neck Long Sleeved Midi Dress in lilas, Lucy Rose Print Sleeveless Midi DressEva Tie Waist Fitted Dress in fuchsia,  Eloise Gathered Waist Midi Dress in navy.

The grand total for my purchase? $51.

Here’s a look at the dresses I got (as of today, the Flo dress in lilas is no longer available, however, it does come in several other colors).


Flo dress


Lucy dress


Eva dress


Eloise dress

I’ve worn two of the dresses so far, and, similarly to the other Boohoo dresses, I’m pleased with the fit and construction. I can’t wait to see how these hold up over the next few months!