Boohoo Dresses – An Update

As you all recall, I had several Boohoo hauls that I wrote about here and here. I just wanted to give you all an update on my dresses.

Since it’s been ridiculously cold in the Mid-Atlantic region, I’ve only been consistently wearing one of my Boohoo dresses: the Flo Ribbed Hi-Neck Dress (see photo below; as a side note, this color is no longer available at Boohoo, but there are still a lot of other color options to choose from on the website).




This dress has been perfect for the chillier weather, since it’s thin enough to layer but has long sleeves and a slightly below-the-knee length. I’ve worn it with a blazer and knee-high boots, and it’s still a favorite! Here’s how I wore it before the weather got extra chilly:

IMG_1930 - Edited.jpg

While I had all of the dresses in rotation, I washed all of them at least twice, using a lingerie bag and regular wash cycle. I’m pleased to say that ALL of the dresses are still in excellent condition: no loose strings, fading, stretching or otherwise damaged fabric.

I have to say, these dresses have held up beautifully and were a great value. I look forward to wearing them again when the weather warms up!

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