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Review: Thai Orchid Restaurant

As I mentioned a few days ago, I got to do a mini-getaway to Orangeburg, South Carolina. I was curious about the local restaurants, so I hopped on Google and started looking around. I came across what seemed to be a good Japanese style restaurant, only to arrive at the location and see that the menu and ambiance were lacking.

My next choice was Thai Orchid (1155 Saint Matthews Road), located a little under a mile away from the underwhelming Japanese spot. I was surprised at the unassuming exterior of the building: the restaurant was a converted fast food place, complete with the remnants of a drive thru window. However, this restaurant is a case study in why it’s good to not judge a book by its cover.

The restaurant was full of ornately-carved artwork, chairs and tables. The tables were carefully set with sumptuous tablecloths and covered chairs.



The entire restaurant was really a feast for the eyes. But what good is a restaurant if you don’t try the food? I ordered tom yum soup with shrimp and pad kapraw with shrimp.


My bowl of tom yum soup


The soup was tasty, though a bit salty. I would have loved if it had more lemongrass flavor, too, but aside from the saltiness, it was still very good. The other flavors worked really well together, and it was a solid dish for starting my meal.


Pad kapraw with shrimp

The pad kapraw was also delicious. I only wish that it didn’t have quite so many onions: I loved the flavor but the onions were a bit out of control! Everything was perfectly cooked and positively delectable. The portion sizes were generous and I felt satisfied with my meal.

I also tried the donuts and mango with sticky rice. I regret that I didn’t photograph those, but I did enjoy them!

The service was great, the food was good, and they even had live music for your listening pleasure! I had a great time at this local treasure, and I hope that the city’s residents will continue to support this business. I highly recommend that you try Thai Orchid when you’re visiting Orangeburg!


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