On the Road Again

Today is a driving day, so I’m only popping in for a minute. I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday and making the most of it!

Photo from the road

If you have some free time and want to listen to something useful, check out James Wedmore’s most recent podcast about how he structures his day. On my way to my weekend getaway, I also listened to a juicy episode of the Afford Anything podcast, where the host, Paula Pant, interviewed Suze Orman. Orman’s emphatic denunciation of the FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early) Movement made for a riveting – albeit polarizing – show. Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur or ascribe to the FIRE Movement’s principles, you’ll likely glean some good tips from both of these episodes.

I hope you all enjoy the day and the podcast episodes I linked above! Talk to you all tomorrow!

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Review: Thai Orchid Restaurant

As I mentioned a few days ago, I got to do a mini-getaway to Orangeburg, South Carolina. I was curious about the local restaurants, so I hopped on Google and started looking around. I came across what seemed to be a good Japanese style restaurant, only to arrive at the location and see that the menu and ambiance were lacking.

My next choice was Thai Orchid (1155 Saint Matthews Road), located a little under a mile away from the underwhelming Japanese spot. I was surprised at the unassuming exterior of the building: the restaurant was a converted fast food place, complete with the remnants of a drive thru window. However, this restaurant is a case study in why it’s good to not judge a book by its cover.

The restaurant was full of ornately-carved artwork, chairs and tables. The tables were carefully set with sumptuous tablecloths and covered chairs.



The entire restaurant was really a feast for the eyes. But what good is a restaurant if you don’t try the food? I ordered tom yum soup with shrimp and pad kapraw with shrimp.


My bowl of tom yum soup


The soup was tasty, though a bit salty. I would have loved if it had more lemongrass flavor, too, but aside from the saltiness, it was still very good. The other flavors worked really well together, and it was a solid dish for starting my meal.


Pad kapraw with shrimp

The pad kapraw was also delicious. I only wish that it didn’t have quite so many onions: I loved the flavor but the onions were a bit out of control! Everything was perfectly cooked and positively delectable. The portion sizes were generous and I felt satisfied with my meal.

I also tried the donuts and mango with sticky rice. I regret that I didn’t photograph those, but I did enjoy them!

The service was great, the food was good, and they even had live music for your listening pleasure! I had a great time at this local treasure, and I hope that the city’s residents will continue to support this business. I highly recommend that you try Thai Orchid when you’re visiting Orangeburg!


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A Day at Edisto Memorial Gardens

A few days ago, I was able to put my staycation plans on hold and take a REAL mini-getaway to Orangeburg, SC. One of my lifelong friends – my sister born of another mother – lives nearby and I was needing some time with my bestie.


So, I hit the road and spent a few days with her. Just getting away for a little bit really did wonders for my soul. Even more soul-enhancing was my trip to Edisto Memorial Gardens.


Despite visiting this area several times, this was my first time at the garden. And it didn’t disappoint! Beautiful greenery (courtesy of the rose garden), the picturesque Edisto river, and the perfect weather made for a wonderful trip.



I’m hoping I can return around the holidays: the gardens are already set up with lights for the Christmas season. I’m sure it will be a wondrous sight when they’ve put the finishing touches on the light displays.

If you’re ever in the area, make sure to visit Edisto Memorial Gardens. You will love it!