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Review: Korean Bath Mitts

Let me tell you all: I *will* be enjoying baby soft skin this winter. Of course, that’s my decree every year. But this year, I have a new tool in my arsenal:

I ordered these Korean bath mitts from Amazon and was kind of confused over how to use them. Fortunately, the customer reviews were invaluable: kudos to the reviewers that gave tips on using these.

Here’s the short version of how to best use these:

  • Don’t use these on your face! They’re far too abrasive for the delicate skin on your face. I’ll admit: I tried these on my face initially, because the photo on the package depicts a woman using it on hers. My skin behaved just fine and yes, my skin even looked better after using this twice a week. But, I noted that my skin felt more sensitive – not uncomfortably so, but it was noticeable – so I stopped. The reviewers on Amazon advise against using this on the face, and I’ll second that recommendation.
  • These shrink up – a lot. The smaller size makes for a snug fit on the hand, so just expect the shrinkage and you’ll be fine.
  • The best way to use these is to soak in a tub for ten minutes, then rub the skin with the mitt while wet. That removed the dead skin gently and effectively.

I’m enjoying these mitts, even though I was surprised by the shrinkage and used them on my face when I shouldn’t have! I tried using them the recommended way and I loved how soft my skin felt, as well as how my skin responded to moisturizers afterward. I’ll be purchasing more and keeping these in rotation during the months to come!


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