Speaking of Gemstones . . .

A few days ago, I posted a link to a course that teaches the basics of gemology. Well, it wasn’t long before I came across a gem that would put all of that recently acquired knowledge to use … Feast your eyes on this beauty:



(photo courtesy of Sotheby’s)

Sotheby’s will be auctioning this breathtaking pink diamond in Geneva, Switzerland on November 15, 2017. The stone, named The Raj Pink, is expected to fetch over $30 million.

For those that don’t know, fancy colored diamonds of any hue are rare. Fancy colored pink diamonds are even rarer, and to have a fancy pink diamond with this size and clarity makes it among the rarest in the world. I hope whoever decides to purchase it will allow the Smithsonian Institute – or some other prominent museum – to display it for a period of time. I’m sure that the public would love to see this beauty up close.

In case that first photo wasn’t enough for you, here are two more:


(Photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar)


(Photo courtesy of Sotheby’s)

I simply can’t get enough of this stunning stone! I can’t wait to see how high the bidding will go, and who will be the lucky purchaser of The Raj Pink diamond.

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