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Review: The Harlem Candle Company

Happy Tuesday!

I love candles. I’ve never reviewed candles here on this blog, but I have quite a collection. It’s funny: something that is such a BIG part of my daily relaxation routine has never been featured here before. But, then again, I didn’t have any candles that completely resonated with my essence.

Until now. Recently, I came across some candles on the page of one of my Facebook friends. I’d intended to invest in more luxury candles, but other than Diptyque and The Clean Candle Company (I did a review of their candles here), I was stumped over which candle to purchase next. I’d planned to try Trudon’s Josephine candle, but the company has consistently sold out of the size I wanted to purchase. And so it goes: fate conspired to make me amenable to other suggestions.

Enter the Harlem Candle Company.

This company crafts candles themed after literary and cultural figures from the Harlem Renaissance period. And the candle that most intrigued me was Josephine, named after the bronzed goddess herself, Ms. Josephine Baker. I also purchased two other candles – Speakeasy and Ellington – in both the regular and travel sizes (respectively).

These candles are lush, complex and timelessly elegant. I love the fragrances that the company offers, as well as the charming backstories that explain the inspiration behind the scents. The company also ships their products quickly: it took me only a few days after purchasing to have my candles in hand. I enjoyed these candles so well that I made a YouTube video about it! Please check out the video, and give it a thumbs up if you enjoy it.

That’s all for today. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow. Take care!

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Words of Wisdom: Josephine Baker

Happy Monday! As we start a new week, I thought this would be a good time to tap into some words of wisdom. One woman that inspires me tremendously is Josephine Baker.

The effervescent Josephine was talented, stylish, graceful and perfectly poised. The trailblazing entertainer left behind an abusive, impoverished childhood and eventually went on to achieving global acclaim. She decided to live in Paris, France where she experienced the happiness and peace that eluded her during her formative years.

Josephine was not just an entertainer: she was also an activist and doting mother. I find her life and perspectives to be so inspirational. Here are a few Josephine Baker quotes that I thought you may enjoy. Vive La Baker!






(Photos courtesy of Pinterest, APassion4Jazz, and Izquotes)