Day 57 – 63 of My Fitness Challenge

Well, not much has gone on over the past week. On the upside, I’m still sticking to intermittent fasting (IF), and I ate a lot more fresh food over the past week. However, I still feel I could do better in this regard, so I’m heading out to the grocery store in a bit, and I’ll be making an actual EATING PLAN for the week.


Yay for eating more fresh food!

I know that I should have done this ages ago, but I really feel that preplanning my meals for the week will do wonders for improving my overall eating. So I’ll be sure to do that and I’ll share my plan in next week’s fitness challenge post.

I did ZERO gym time because I just couldn’t find any motivation. However, I did try to incorporate more movement in my daily routine. This upcoming week will be better because I’m already setting myself up for success: all of my gym clothes are washed and bagged, ready for me to throw on without any additional thought.

This week’s takeaway is the importance of PLANNING. Instead of leaving everything up to chance, I believe I’ll get better results just by taking some time to do any “pre-gym/pre-eating” action. Half of the work of sticking to a good plan is the prep work involved beforehand. With the bulk of my prep being done today and tomorrow, I’m confident that I’ll see some major improvement with sticking to my routine this week.

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