Day 43 – 49 of My Fitness Challenge

Halfway through my fitness challenge, and I’m still plugging along. Things have been really good overall, so I’m happy to share this week’s report.


This week went SO much better! I ate much closer to my intended eating plan so I had a lot of energy. I also got a lot of “accidental” exercise; for instance, the elevators in my building decided to stop working, and I had to walk up 7 flights of stairs. Funny enough, this was my first full week where I didn’t pop into the gym and yet I moved more this week than normal.

However, this week is going to be more intentional. In fact, the remainder of my fitness challenge will be more focused, structured and challenging. I have a big trip coming in October and I want to look my best for it. So, I’ll amp up the exercise, clean up my diet even more, and keep watching my body transform. This is so exciting! I love the changes I’m seeing!


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