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Motivation for Writers

Hey folks! Today’s post is going to be a super-short one, because I am majorly behind on my 1000-words-per-day goal. I don’t mind occasionally falling behind, but I don’t want to have to do a mad dash at any point because I’ve slacked too much. So, today is a writing day. Time to play catch up!


However, if you’re a writer looking for a little motivation, check out this podcast from Side Hustle Nation. This is one of the earlier podcasts available on the website. An author lays out his exact formula for writing success including (you guessed it) a minimum writing quota that helps him generate enough content to create his books. This could easily work with any genre, and can be tweaked to accommodate anyone’s schedule. I highly recommend listening to this one if you’re a writer: I’ve listened to it more than once!

In fact, while you’re on Side Hustle Nation, check out all of the self-publishing podcasts and blog posts: you’ll find so many great resources for aspiring writers there. Have fun gleaning all sorts of tips, tricks and recommendations to help you achieve writing success!

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