Day 36 – 42 of My Fitness Challenge

Is it still a “challenge” if you’ve fallen off a bit?

I hope so, because I fully intend to get BACK onto the fitness bandwagon this upcoming week. This past week wasn’t as focused as I would have liked.


For starters, I got sick in the middle of the week and on one of the days, I spent all day in bed. That was really tough for me, because I prefer to be up and moving, but my body responded well to the rest so I’m not going to fret about it. I also spent a lot of time sleeping over the past few days (the biggest thing missing from my regular routine is adequate rest). I still have a cough but I’m feeling better overall. I found myself wanting to eat outside of my eating window while I’ve been under the weather, and I indulged because I believe in being gentle with myself.

I got plenty of exercise though not all of it came from gym time. I ended up doing quite a bit more walking than normal this week. During the upcoming week, I’ll be incorporating more than just cardio in my routine: I’d love to see the results that I can get from strength/resistance training.

That’s it for the week: getting back on track and changing up the exercises. I’m excited to see what this upcoming week will be like!

3 thoughts on “Day 36 – 42 of My Fitness Challenge

  1. Thanks for sharing the post!!! When your looking for inspiration to finish a painting your post makes it easy to go pick up the paint brush!!! Thanks for being an over the top example of why and how I can reach my goal!


  2. Thanks for the post!!! I was looking for motivation to inspire me to finish a major painting and couldn’t get moving. I like to check out blogs to push me sometimes. Thanks for being an example of the action and movement I was looking for to complete my work!


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