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Living Your Best Life: Managing Overwhelm

As part of this ongoing discussion about living my best life, I’m taking the time to assess what worked – and what didn’t work – when crafting a better lifestyle. What good is knowledge if I’m hoarding it instead of sharing?

Early in my separation (leading up to my divorce) I felt like I was going in 1000 different directions. There was so much to attend to and so little time and energy to handle it all. I wanted a business, a successful federal career, a healthier body, more sleep, better relationships with my family and friends, a writing career, a financial benefactor, etc.,. So many things to do and I was trying to do them ALL!


Look, we all have too many tasks and not enough time. We ALL are overwhelmed to some degree or in some area. The overwhelm may not be ever present but it comes up at the most inopportune times. Here are a few things that I did when I was crushed under the weight of all of my “to-dos”. I hope this list helps you!

  1. I took naps. Naps are such an underrated source of stress management. When things were just too much to handle, I’d lay down and sleep for a bit. I was always more clearheaded and rational after I got a little rest.
  2. I delegated and outsourced. As much as I could, I entrusted some of my tasks to family or friends that were invested in helping me during that difficult period. Just having an extra set of hands on the scene can do wonders for managing overwhelming situations.
  3. I focused on tackling the smallest items first and let my momentum build up. Instead of doing it all, I focused on one thing at a time. That really worked wonders for helping me feel accomplished, which lead to me feeling more relaxed and energized to tackle the rest of my to-do list.
  4. I confided in friends. Sometimes, just vocalizing my frustrations would work wonders for my stress levels. I made sure to reciprocate: I’d let my friends vent to me, as well.
  5. I journaled. When I didn’t want to use my voice, I’d reach for my pen and journal. Writing my thoughts really helped me to get those confusing thoughts out of my head and into a tangible form that I could read and process at my leisure.

Do you have any tips for managing overwhelming situations? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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