My Secret Weapon for the Summer

After the languishing winter we’ve had, I’ll admit that I’ve been anxiously awaiting warmer days. For one thing, I’m a summer baby, and so I feel like I come alive during the summer months. Secondly, the foods that are abundant during the summer – fresh fruits and vegetables – are my favorites. I love eating salads and drinking freshly made smoothies.


Summer’s almost here!

This brings me to the topic of today’s post. I have had a handy gadget since the fall, and I’ve used it several times, though I’ve never mentioned it on this blog. This gadget is such a game changer for me: it’ll allow me to easily create the fresh smoothies that I want, anywhere and at any time. This gadget is my portable, personal blender.

Sadly, the one that I purchased in the fall is no longer available, but I’m linking a suitable alternative below. Just click here or on the picture to take a look at it.

I got my personal blender in pink, as well. This device is ingenius: it has a charging port that allows you to recharge the battery using your standard phone charger. Once the blender is charged, you can make smoothies without having to be bound to an electrical outlet. It’s small and lightweight, not to mention very cute. These blenders are powerful enough to turn fruit into smooth, creamy deliciousness.

Do you have a personal blender that you’d like to recommend? Let me know in the comments below!


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