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Review: “I Love My Bag” Documentary

Hi darlings! I’m wrapping up my international trip (I will allow one more day for someone to correctly guess my vacation location, then I’m closing the comment in my “Guess Where I’m Headed?” post). But, as usual, I found something fantastic during my time away, and I’m excited to share it with you.


A photo of the iconic Hermes Kelly bags, from BragMyBag.com

On the flight to my vacation, I got the chance to watch a documentary titled, “I Love My Bag”. It took me some effort to hunt it down (it’s in French) but I found it and I’m linking it here. You’ll have to go to Vimeo to view it directly:

I LOVE MY BAG from Melinda Triana on Vimeo.


I’m sorry I couldn’t find the English version: I’ll replace this video as soon as I locate it! There are, however, different segments in English that you can enjoy. In the meantime, take in the beautiful fashion and interviews with different handbag connoisseurs and designers.

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