The Perfect Gift for a Butterfly . . .

While browsing the lots for Christie’s upcoming Rockefeller auction, I came across a partial set of dishes owned by Napoleon I, the legendary emperor of France. The set was beautiful on its own, but I stopped cold when I saw the detail on these dessert plates:

Screenshot 2018-01-09 at 10.50.36 PM - Edited

This is the ‘Marly Rouge’ Service, a porcelain dessert set made sometime around 1807 – 1809. This set is in outstanding condition, with the colors and gilding just as vibrant as when it was first presented to Emperor Napoleon. The write-up for this offering can be seen under the “Highlights” section of the Christie’s page featuring the Peggy and David Rockefeller Collection.

Aside from the flawless condition, I marveled at the detailing. Are you all seeing the gorgeous butterfly variety on these dishes? Of course the Bronze Butterfly noticed it and swooned. I need these dishes, now!

The sale occurs in May 2018. I doubt that I’ll have a spare $150,000+ to invest in this set (I remain hopeful!) but I plan to look for a set of similar design and high quality. If I find them (and, since I’m good at locating things, I’m sure that I will), I’ll post to this blog and give you all details. Until then, you’re free to drool over the Marly Rouge with me.




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