Perfect Art for a Butterfly

Happy Tuesday, loves! Over here on the Bronze Butterfly blog, it goes without saying that I identify with the butterfly, both the insect itself as well as the metamorphosis it undergoes in order to become a beautiful winged creature.

While looking at the Christie’s Paris Instagram account, I think I found a perfect piece to adorn my walls. It’s collectible, it’s antique, and it has butterflies!

The translation of the caption is, “The Dutch Golden Age (1587 – 1702)  was a period of economic prosperity and artistic “outpouring” [I think this means artistic expression] in the Netherlands. Pieter Withoos (1655-1692) was an illustrator that represented [drew/sketched/captured] nature, particularly for albums. Here, the painted uses charcoal, ink and watercolor to realize [recreate] these butterflies and insects that will be on sale on January 30, 2018 in New York.”

If you want to see more about this drawing/painting, you can view the lot here. This sale is accepting online bids, so if you want to gift this to your favorite Bronze Butterfly (hint, hint), you have until January 30th to make it happen LOL! While you’re viewing this lot, go ahead and check out a few of the other items being offered through this huge sale. For those interested in learning more about the Dutch Golden Age, I found a free online course on Open. edu. The course, titled “Dutch Painting of the Golden Age“, even offers a statement of participation when you complete it, as proof of your knowledge. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new!


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