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I’ve been researching more resources to help me increase my art history knowledge. Along with visiting museums, taking ALISON courses and reading books, I wanted another way to take in art instruction, so I was thrilled to find the Art History Babes podcast.

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Their logo is the cutest!

Jen, Natalie, Ginny and Corrie – the hosts of the podcast – gather together to discuss different art-related topics. It’s hard to say whether it’s their knowledge or their chemistry that makes this such an irresistible podcast.

A nice podcast to help you get a feel for the Art History Babes is this post about Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s pretty short (a little over 15 minutes) but packs a lot of information. This will lay a great foundation for a post that I have coming up in a few days . . .

Let me know what you think about the Art History Babes! You can, of course, check out the podcast, but also check out their blog, as well.

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