Artist to Know: Lina Iris Viktor

I regularly mention my love of art in my posts, and one of the highlights of my art experiences came this year, when I attended Neneh Ada Yang’s first U.S. Art Exhibition. Now, I’d like to discuss Lina Iris Viktor, an artist that I find fascinating and incredibly talented.

You can check her out at her website, but for the sake of getting a quick preview of her work, look at photos of one of her hauntingly beautiful paintings. This one is Syzygy (2015).

Screenshot 2017-10-29 at 7.35.49 PM - Edited

Lina’s works are striking combinations of black, white, 24 kt gold leaf, and Majorelle blue (a shade closely resembling Yves Klein’s preferred shade of ultramarine blue). Obviously, I have a thing for Majorelle blue, too (check out the handbag on my Current Wish List to see what I mean).

Lina’s paintings have an indescribable, otherworldly quality. There’s something so luxe yet approachable about her creations. I’m inserting an interview with Lina below. I really enjoyed hearing her discuss her preferred color palette, thoughts on the importance of art, and her personal opinion about “starving artists”.

Lina currently has an exhibition in London (unfortunately, it ends today). I’ve signed up on her website so that I can get updates as she releases new exhibition information. In the meantime, I’ll browse through her online gallery (you can access the gallery here). You all should check her out! In fact, I’ll add another video for your viewing pleasure!


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