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A Night with Neneh Ada Yang

A few months ago, I was invited to a red carpet event to celebrate the first US art exhibition of Neneh Ada Yang. The stunning Sierra Leonian married Chinese artist Yang Yan, and soon discovered artistic talents of her own. She mastered traditional Chinese painting techniques and now creates beautiful artwork that she sells to support her Queennak Foundation. Her foundation serves as a global diplomacy program, specifically engaging Sierra Leonians abroad.


I was struck by Neneh’s beauty: petite, perfectly coiffed and elegant. She was so dainty and refined, yet possessing a quiet magnetism that drew everyone to her. She is soft-spoken and so gracious.

I enjoyed the experience very much, and I’m just sharing a few photos from the event. I suggest that you follow Neneh’s Facebook page and check out the Queennak Foundation.



As a bonus, I’m including a photo of the gorgeous painting that Neneh gifted me. I’ll treasure it forever.


Have you all gotten any beautiful artwork recently? Let me know in the comments below!

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