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My First Book Endorsement!

I’m so excited to share that my book got an unexpected endo

rsement! I wrote and self-published my first book last year (I wrote about it here and followed up with more information in this post) and I was pleased to make a few sales. I wrote about a very niche topic (receiving college credits using equivalency tests) so I didn’t expect that my book would have much “reach”.

My first published book:

However, I was so excited to see that one of my favorite authors, Ginie Sayles, endorsed my book! Here is a screenshot to the endorsement, as well as a link to Mrs. Sayles’s author page.

Mrs. Sayles is absolutely inspirational in every way. Her guidance in her many books has been crucial in my journey toward living a beautiful, enjoyable life. In particular, her book “Writer’s Block is a Crock! Write a Book in 3 Weeks – Or Less!” was instrumental to completing my manuscript and self-publishing. I didn’t finish the book in 3 weeks – after all, it was a leisure project – but the strategies listed in the book absolutely work if you are committed to the process. I am still in awe of how thorough Mrs. Sayles’s work is, and how useful it is for aspiring authors.

Ginie Sayles, Writer’s Block is a Crock! Write a Book in 3 Weeks – Or Less!

To commemorate this delightful, unexpected endorsement, I’m reducing the price of both the printed and Kindle version of my book. Also, the book has always been, and will continue to be, within Kindle’s Lending Library, so you can borrow it for free within the Kindle system. I wholeheartedly believe in providing this information for an affordable price and keeping the book as accessible as possible.

That’s my good news for this Wednesday! I hope you all are doing great and staying safe. Take care, adn I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.

*This post contains affiliate links.

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