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More About My Finished Book . . .

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today’s post is going to be a light one, because I’m preparing for my trip out of town and I’m taking care of a few open items that need my attention before I get away for a few days . . .


Thankful that I don’t have to type on one of these beauties . . .

Anyhoo, I just wanted to give you updates on my finished book. I gave it to a few friends for feedback, and they’ve spoken. They love it! I’m so excited, because I need that vote of confidence before I move forward. I trust that they will tell me if there are any topics that need to be discussed further or if there were any incomplete thoughts or unclear ideas. They all confirmed that the book was complete, well-written and immediately actionable.

The SIGH of relief that I felt when I got their feedback was tremendous! I’m eager to get a little more feedback before publishing, but at this point, I’m really happy that it’s being well-received. Every bit of feedback brings me closer to making the book available to the public, so this has been a great experience.

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