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July Reading Selection

Whew, what a busy year I’ve been enjoying! I’ve been loving the changes I’ve seen so far and the exciting times ahead. Because things have been moving at an accelerated pace, I almost decided against selecting a book for July.

But I love books and I’m constantly reading a wide variety of material, so I might as well select one book that I will review after reading. The book I’ve chosen for this month is Monet by Karin Sagner-Duechting. This book is a large book – almost coffee table-sized – and has beautiful photographs of Claude Monet’s work. After telling you all about my love of impressionism and Monet, particularly, I figured this would be a good selection.

Funny enough, I had forgotten that I had thi book. I got it for $2 at a thrift store and put it on my shelf but never thought about it again, until I started poking around for another book for my monthly reading selections.

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