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Review: Rebecca Ethiopian Cuisine

You already know how I feel about Ethiopian food. While I haven’t recently tried my hand at making more Ethiopian dishes at home, I still find myself frequently craving the savory, flavorful East African dishes. And if I’m craving it, I’m going to have it, whether I make it from scratch or buy it from the pros.

A couple of weeks ago, I caved into my cravings and purchased a vegetarian combo from Rebecca Ethiopian Cuisine, a food truck that serves several locations in Washington, DC.


Photo as snapped by Art P. and posted on Yelp

For starters, the staff are super-friendly, and the food is prepared quickly. While you wait, you can nibble on a free lentil sambusa (at least, every time *I’ve* gone, I’ve gotten a free sambusa: your mileage may vary). I got back to my office and proceeded to chow down. Here’s a photo of my lunch:

Clockwise from top left: tomato fitfit, salad, atkilt wat (cabbage, potatoes and carrots), gomen (collard greens), kik alicha (yellow split peas) shiro wat (powdered chickpea stew), and my favorite, misr wat (red lentils) in the center

The food was great! Everything cooked perfectly and incredibly flavorful. I’m especially fond of their vegetarian combo offering because they have more sides than most of the combos I’ve had at other Ethiopian trucks. Usually, you get 4 or 5 sides when ordering from Ethiopian food trucks; with Rebecca, you get 7 (SEVEN!) sides. The price is very competitive, too: you can get all of this food for $10 before tax.

There is only one drawback when it comes to this truck: I can never predict when they will be close to my job! They don’t have a Twitter account, so whenever I see them, I know I’ve just gotten lucky. If you happen to spot them while you’re out and about in DC, just know that you’ve gotten lucky, too! And then, after you revel in your amazing luck, go ahead and order some food – you won’t regret it!

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