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Happy Saturday, darlings! A series of related YouTube videos led me to this TED talk from 2015 (yes, it’s an older video). The term “multipotentialite” was new to me, but I quickly identified with the traits ascribed to this label.

Screenshot 2018-02-11 at 6.46.48 PM - Edited

Emilie Wapnick’s discussion about why some of us lack “one true calling” really spoke to me. I have had several successful “careers” (paralegal, tax analyst, financial analyst) but never felt that I was in my “sweet spot”, that one place I was meant to occupy. I enjoyed aspects about each career but nothing felt like a “calling” to me.

I appreciate everything I learned throughout my careers and I’m in awe that I was able to transition effortlessly from job to job. My current position is my favorite and feels more like a dream job than any other I’ve had. And yet, I’m preparing for the next transition, because I’m being drawn to a career in the art world. But my calling? I don’t know that I have a singular one. And that’s okay.

If you haven’t found your “calling”, take heart. You may just be one of “us”, the multipotentialites. Talk to you all soon!

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