Review: Xtra’s Cafe

While cruising around Carytown (a quaint neighborhood in Richmond, VA), I stumbled upon Xtra’s Cafe, a sleek, vintage-inspired restaurant quietly tucked away on Cary Street.


The hostess was warm and charming, and getting a seat was a quick process. While I sat near the stairwell (that takes you from the ground level to the actual dining area), the seats facing the bar was full.


Painting closest to the patio

I loved the vintage paintings on walls and the abundant light streaming from the patio. The paintings really enhanced the classic, speakeasy feel of the restaurant.



But the real star of this restaurant is the food. Honey, the FOOD! I tried the crabcakes with asparagus and jalapeno macaroni and cheese. When I tell you that the food was delicious … My mouth waters at the thought of it! I can’t wait to go back and try some of pita pizzas as well as the other entrees.


Y. U. M.

If you’re ever in the Richmond area, Carytown is a must-see, and you should definitely stop into Xtra’s Cafe (3322 West Cary Street). You won’t be disappointed!

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