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Review: Kimberly New York “Indigo Love” Perfume

Hello friends! I previously reviewed Kimberly New York’s Dimple fragrance (as well as the others available through the perfumier). But in late August, Kimberly New York released a new fragrance, Indigo Love, and I had to try it. It just arrived last week, after a bit of a shipping delay (the product was mailed out of Florida, and it seems that it got caught up in the Hurricane Irma delays). But it’s here now, so it’s time to review!


The product describes “Indigo Love” this way:


“Indigo Love” is an easy-going, bright floral. Sweet tangerine adds a bit of zest to mildly floral honeysuckle blossom. Warm cedarwood anchors this whimsical scent in grown-and-sexy sophistication.

Eau de parfum

top – sweet tangerine 
middle – honeysuckle blossom 
base – cedarwood

It starts off bright and citrusy, but there is a sweet mellowness that settles in after the first few whiffs (must be that honeysuckle essence). After that, the cedarwood whispers softly and smells warm; it gives me the feeling of lazy, faintly humid summer days.

Just like “Dimple”, this one has to be reapplied frequently to retain its power. But the fragrance is beautiful and the name – “Indigo Love” – is fitting. This would be just as perfect with a pretty sundress as it would be with a t-shirt and jeans.

My final thoughts? I really like it! I would purchase it again.

Have any of you had the chance to try some of the Kimberly New York fragrances? Let me know in the comments below!



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