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A Chocolate Treat

Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself …

A few weeks ago, I got an online coupon code from Chocolate Chocolate, one of DC’s finest chocolate shops. This boutique offers exquisite international and hard-to-find chocolates. I used the code to order a box of Laderach chocolates, my favorite chocolate brand.

IMG_1810Laderach chocolates in Chocolate Chocolate’s trademark velvet box

I first tried Laderach two years ago, when I was gifted a box from an attorney at my previous job. I fell in love with the velvety textures, intense flavors, and perfect presentation of the little bit sized pieces of heaven. The day after I finished eating every treat in my little box, I looked for a local retailer that offered the Laderach brand. After much searching over many months, I found out that Chocolate Chocolate was the closest shop that offered the brand.

IMG_1811The liner indicating that this box contained luxurious Swiss chocolates

So when I saw the coupon code, I couldn’t resist. I purchased my chocolates and quickly got a call from the shop, confirming that the chocolates were in stock and were immediately available. I picked them up the following week.

IMG_1812The chocolates! So perfect and delicious!

They are just as delicious as I remember! I’m pleased with the product (of course) but I also loved the service: the shop attendants were friendly and warm. I can’t wait to return!

Do you all have any favorite chocolate brands? Let me know in the comments below!

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