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Minor Disappointments and Setups for Greatness

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all are enjoying a great day wherever you are, and I hope your weekend was fantastic!

Recently, I applied for a part-time position with an online tutoring company. I liked that the position was flexible (that is crucial, given my current schedule) and I figured that it would help me transition into more freelance work. After completing the second round of the interview process, I was informed that I did not get the position. As you can imagine, I was disappointed. I thought I was the perfect candidate, and I felt like I should have made it to the “short list”. However, the company felt otherwise, and they advised me that they would like to keep my application on file, in case they expand and have more openings.

This experience reminded me of something that my mother told me years ago. She said, “If it’s meant for you, nothing and no one will be able to get in the way of you having it”. This little disappointment was just a clear sign that this position was not meant for me. And, upon further consideration, I realized that I actually didn’t want the position.

Yes, you read that right: I didn’t even want that job, if I’m being perfectly honest. I intended that I earn money in a more passive way this year, and this job was quite the opposite of “passive”. It would require a certain number of hours every week, and I wouldn’t be able to delegate these tasks to someone else. Also, this job would involve me occupying a role that doesn’t enhance my future career prospects. In fact, it’s a bit regressive, in a way: I would have to downplay my knowledge and participate in some mind-numbing tasks in that role.

Yes, the role would have brought in more income, but it goes against the intentions that I set. Any action that goes against your intentions is bound to become uncomfortable and unsustainable at some point. Also, perhaps it’s because I’m older, or maybe because I’ve had enough disappointments that turned out to be blessings in disguise, I’m not taking this rejection personally. I’m not right for the job, but that is no reflection on my value as a person. I’ve experienced disappointment as well as incredible successes, and I have seen enough to know that everything works out in my favor in the end.

So, I’m taking this minor disappointment and counting it as a setup for future success. I believe that this position was denied to me because it is not right for me and what I’m creating for my future. It doesn’t fit in my grand scheme, and that’s okay. Additionally, by not clamoring to find some other position to validate my worth as an employee, I’m leaving space for the opportunities that are worthy of my time and attention.

Those are my Monday musings. I’ll have another Writer’s Wednesday post in a couple of days, as well as some other chat during this week. Talk to you all tomorrow!

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Book Review: Your Life By Design By Curtis R. Estes

I had to schedule this book review a little later this month, because I had a really hard time making it through this book for the purpose of reviewing it. You’ll understand a bit later why writing this review was challenging.


The book I selected to read during the month of June was Your Life by Design by Curtis R. Estes. I’ve had this book for several years but never managed to read it – until now. The book is a series of exercises and examples designed to help the reader examine current patterns and choices. After examining the present, the reader is gently lead through the process of creating and executing a new vision – a vision that reflects the reader’s closely held values and desires.

In short, this is a workbook that requires thoughtfulness and time as you complete the exercises. That, by default, makes it a difficult book to “review”, since there are actions required from the reader in order to get the most out of the text and I sincerely feel that these exercises should not be “rushed”.

This book contains many fantastic tips for examining lifestyle balance and harmony. I’m a fan of how this book emphasizes looking at your life and determining how much joy you derive from your activities. For instance, I was intrigued by Estes’ personal calendar, that not only listed out his activities for the day but also assigned an emotional score to each activity (identifying how happy or unhappy he was about completing that particular task) as well as a list of the day’s overall goals and the expenditures required for the day. This holistic view of the day really helps to put individual activities into perspective.

All that being said, I HIGHLY recommend the book for anyone trying to create new patterns and a clearer vision for his or her life. The steps are great for creating the kind of changes that will nurture and boost behaviors that contribute to a quality lifestyle. I thoroughly enjoyed this workbook. In fact, I liked it so well that I decided that I would be going through the exercises, individually, in the fall of this year.

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Sneaky Trick for Successful Resolutions

This will be a really simple post, but I am about to share my sneakiest tip for guaranteeing successful New Year (or any time of year) resolutions. After all, January 1st is less than two weeks away, and who wants to be unprepared for the New Year?


(image courtesy of Susan O’Halloran)

 Are you ready for my sneaky tip?

 My trick, that has made my resolutions STICK and generate success, is . . .

Start NOW.

Don’t wait until January 1st to start. The moment that you are sure what you want to accomplish in the upcoming year, take some action – ANY action – in the direction of your goal. listed the Top Ten New Years Resolutions based on their surveys. If you want to know a quick action you can take to move closer to your goal, look at the suggestions I’ve added after each of the top 6 resolutions mentioned by Nielsen:

  • Stay fit and healthy

–          Get on YouTube and do a quick exercise routine. Try Fitness Blender and do some activity for at least 5 minutes. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to do your 5 minutes of exercise daily. Then set a calendar reminder to increase your 5 minute routine, to 6 minutes, after 2-3 weeks. Every 2-3 weeks, add one or two minutes to your routine. Adjust the minutes based on your fitness level and motivation.

  • Lose weight

–          See the recommendation above. In addition, look up some healthy meals, write out your shopping list, and, if it isn’t too late, go out and buy those groceries RIGHT NOW.

  • Enjoy life to the fullest

–          Think of one thing you’ve been wanting to do but just haven’t accomplished yet (pull out your bucket list). Determine the easiest thing on the list, and immediately reserve the lessons, appointment, etc., that will make it happen.

  • Spend less, save more

–          Go to and look up the savings accounts with the highest annual yield. Open an account and set up an automatic draft so your money can save on autopilot. Don’t memorize your password for the bank account: the harder it is to recall, the less likely you’ll be to check on it and withdraw funds.

  • Spend more time with family and friends

–          Pick up your phone immediately and call someone that you’ve been meaning to talk to. Set a phone reminder to call at least 3 friends or family members every week. Send out a mass invite to several friends and family members for a get-together event in 4 -6 weeks. Don’t flake out on the get-together.

  • Get organized

–          Choose an activity to do right now: clean out one dresser drawer, tidy up one folder, empty all of your trash cans, fold up all of the clothes at the end of your bed. Or go buy plastic containers to help you organize your stuff.

If you’re serious about accomplishing your goals, don’t wait for January 1st to start on them. Start today, and give yourself an advantage when New Years Day rolls around!