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January’s Organization Challenge: Mid-Month Updates

You all may remember a few weeks ago when I stated that I was going to start a January organizational challenge. I use the outline provided on a website that I visited, All Things Mikita. This post is just a brief update of how that organization challenge is going.

Well, I stopped the challenge. What I found was that I had to substitute too many of the items outlined in the challenge. For instance, Day 9 of the challenge called to get rid of nine skirts or dresses. However, since I have made it a habit to regularly streamline my wardrobe, I didn’t have any items that I wanted to get rid of. I wear skirts regularly so removing them from my wardrobe would have left huge gaps. Day 15 of the challenge calls for getting rid of old jewelry, but most of my jewelry is high-quality so getting rid of 15 pieces did not appeal to me at all. Day 20 calls for getting rid of 20 pajama pants, but I don’t even own 5 pajama pants!


I’m envisioning organized spaces, like this

This challenge is excellent for a few reasons,  especially for someone who is attempting to upgrade their wardrobe and get rid of many excess clothing items. But in my case, I realized I did not have an abundance of the items mentioned for the challenge. This is a good cautionary  example for me, because it’s important to look carefully over a challenge before committing. Next time I do an organization challenge, I will be sure to note whether I can complete the tasks as listed. And, if I can’t complete the tasks listed, I need to prepare myself in advance of the challenge start date to substitute appropriately.

I’m sure I’ll do more challenges in the upcoming months, but this one fell flat. I wish I had some good results for you, but I stopped after I got a few days in. It just didn’t fit in my life at this point. The next challenge I select will be a better fit for me and my lifestyle.

Enjoy your Thursday, friends! I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.

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Making Space Challenge: Final Update for 2018

Hey friends! I hope today finds you well and I also hope that you all are still basking in the joy of the season.

I’ve had a good run with the Making Space Challenge (I’ll be adding more photos using the hashtags #MakingSpace and #MakingSpaceChallenge) and it’s something I plan to keep doing in the upcoming year. I didn’t get rid of as many items as I’d hoped but so long as I keep working on it (and not adding to the piles of stuff!), I’ll reach my goal. I did notice that the more I cleared away clutter, the more “clear-headed” I felt. Funny how that works . . .

screen (7)

I’ll be prepping some donation bags this weekend

Since there is a big move in my not-so-distant future, downsizing is a must. The Making Space Challenge was a good “push” in the right direction. However, I need a focused structure to get through my “stuff” because getting overwhelmed can happen to the best of us. I found this great organization challenge on All Things Mikita’s website. Her organizational challenge for January seems pretty easy to follow, not to mention the fact that it can be customized to you and your clutter. I’ll be using it next month so that I can make some more strides with reducing my possessions.

That’s all for this Thursday. I hope you all have a great evening, and I’ll chat with you tomorrow!


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Making Space Challenge: End of the Year Updates

Happy, happy Saturday! I figured I’d make this last post about the Making Space challenge before the end of the year, because it’ll be 2019 before you know it.

I’m still doing my thing with the challenge. It’s a little easier to “make space” in December because I have more time at home (due to the holidays). When I’m enjoying “down” time, I always start clearing out things and tidying up. That may defeat the purpose of taking time off, but I enjoy it, so that’s that.

However, I also tend to clear out a lot of clutter (in the form of magazines) during this time. Since I create a vision board every New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day, I need images to paste on it. So, a few weeks before NYE, I start ripping up my magazines, putting the images I plan to use in a folder and throwing out the magazine when I’m done. I also will rip out any articles that I’ve been meaning to read: I challenge myself to read them all before the end of December.

Sometimes I read the articles, sometimes I miss my December deadline. It’s the intention that matters though, right? I always intend to do it, and eventually, the articles get read because ripped out pages don’t age well and I get tired of them holding valuable space in my file cabinet.


So for the challenge, I’ve been working through no less than 3 magazines a day. At the rate that I’m going, I will have gotten rid of at least 50 magazines by the end of the year. That’s going to create massive space in my magazine bins, and I can start using those containers for something else (yay!)

Are you all making space before the end of the year? Please let me know in the comments below, and if you’re so inclined, take a pic of how you’re making space and use the hashtag #makingspacechallenge or #makingspace so I can see what you’re up to.

Have a great day, and I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!

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Making Space Challenge Updates

It’s been a few weeks since my last update on my Making Space challenge. So, here ya go!

I’m continuing to pare down my belongings and make room. I have a mini-project ahead of me that I’ll be working on for the next week or so. I have to store my porcelain doll collection to clear out my living room and make space for new decor. I’ll be boxing up my dolls (after I clean them and wrap them in acid free paper) and that will take a bit of time to do properly. I’ve already gotten my wrapping paper and I’ll be ordering my compressed air (for blowing out the dust that may have settled on the dolls) later today. I’m aiming to pack two dolls a day starting on Monday. That should translate to me being done in a little under 3 weeks.


Not my doll, but isn’t she cute?

I also switched my wardrobe over from summer clothes to winter clothes a couple of weeks ago. Now that all of those clothes are hanging or folded in my dresser drawers, I can look at the items, one by one, and see which items fit my current style preferences. When I first switched the clothes over, I only saw one or two pieces that I felt needed to be retired (those went promptly into a charity giveaway bag). However, I can apply a more critical eye over the next few weeks, especially during my long holiday weekends (since I have a few coming up).

As far as “making space” internally, I’ve been happily saying “no” to anything that doesn’t bring me delight. This has been surprising for people in my life that are used to me saying “yes” without question, but by opting out of different obligations, I’ve had more time to care for myself and reserve my energy for the things that really matter. That has done a world of good for improving my low mood over the past few weeks.

Intentionally making space has been a good idea for another reason: I have to upgrade some things in my life and by getting rid of the things that don’t serve me, I have more time and other resources to devote to getting the things that will serve me best right now. This has been a great decision: I’m glad I did it! I love the changes that have come from choosing to #makespace!

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Making Space Challenge – Quick Update

Yes, I’m still sticking to my #MakingSpaceChallenge, though being away for a week broke up the “flow” of things. However, being on vacation helped me to make mental space that I desperately needed so no complaints here!

On my first full day back at home, I did bag up some items to take to a local thrift store (I’ll be dropping off of those items later today) and go through the enormous pile of mail, quickly throwing away anything that I didn’t need immediately or that would end up costing me money (looking at you, clothing catalogs!) I also got a chance to listen to some podcasts that had been in my queue for a while, which opened up (literal) space on my phone.


This little traveler opted out of buying or picking shells as souvenirs LOL

Sometimes, the greatest thing you can do to #makespace is simply don’t further clutter what emptied space you have. Avoid adding more clutter on top of what currently exists and you’ll be in a good position to eventually make some progress. Since I wasn’t at home, I wasn’t unnecessarily shopping, so I didn’t decrease my space. Yes, I purchased souvenirs, but I’m delivering all of those travel tokens to their final homes within the week, so the items won’t be in my space for much longer!

I’m spending today doing a lot of cleaning and food prep so that I have more time and space for NaNoWriMo! More about that in a couple of days, but for now, have a great October 31st, and I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!

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10 Easy Ways to Make Space in Your Life

I’m still having fun with the #MakingSpaceChallenge and finding easy ways to #makespace every day. I haven’t seen any drastic updates/changes in my life, but that’s the beauty of the challenge: causing little drips that I hope will turn into oceans of change.


I felt like I might have an issue with staying on task with the challenge, so I came up with a short list of easy ways that I can make space in my life. Some of these may take more than the prescribed 5 minutes, but getting started is important and just as impactful.

Some of the easy ways that you can make space in your life are:

  1. Clean out emails
  2. Make a call that you’ve been putting off
  3. Finally tackle your “junk drawer”
  4. Throw away any expired items (food, beauty products, etc.,)
  5. Cancel a subscription that you don’t need
  6. Throw away any clothing that isn’t in good shape
  7. Back up all of your files to an external drive or cloud drive
  8. Turn in your gently used books and clothing for cash
  9. Indulge in an act of self care
  10. Go to sleep a little earlier than normal

All of these activities either create space in your physical surroundings, your mental space, or serve as a way to restore your energy. I’m sure there are many other small ways that space can be created, but these were the ways that I could think of off of the top of my head.

Do you have any other ideas on how to easily and quickly create space? If so, make sure to leave it in the comments below, as well as take a photo of how you’re making space and tag it on Instagram #MakingSpaceChallenge . Talk to you all tomorrow!

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90 Days to the New Year and a New Challenge!

Can you all believe that we are only 90 days away from the New Year?! 2018 has been so much fun and I’m looking forward to all sorts of delight and magic in the upcoming year.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I have several mini-goals to reach over the next few months. However, with the end of the year coming, I wanted to add in one more goal that would really help me feel like I did something meaningful during this last quarter.


Looking forward to a fabulous October, November, December and beyond!

I’m proposing a brand new challenge for myself. This one is about making space for 2019. The Making Space Challenge (#MakingSpaceChallenge) is simple enough:

  • Every day, take one action that “makes space” for all of the amazing things I intend in 2019.
  • The daily action should take no more than 5 minutes per day.
  • I’ll keep a journal of my “making space” actions so that I can report to you all periodically what actions I’ve taken to make space.

Aside from making space for next year’s adventures and goodness, this challenge will help me to align with the version of myself that I want to experience in the future. Many of my favorite LOA teachers and coaches advise that we start living the life that we envision NOW, so that we can quickly and easily bring that dream into our reality. So, I’m going to do that by clearing away what doesn’t align with my best self and instilling habits that reflect my future best self.

I started the challenge yesterday, October 1st, by going through my perfume samplers and trial sizes. The ones that suit me are still in my collection: the ones that didn’t delight me are now in my aunt’s possession. Today, I’m printing out 3 months of banking and credit card statements so that I can begin reviewing and determining which expenses I can trim. Tomorrow, I’ll be bagging up a few items to deliver to my local thrift store . . . You get my drift: brief, daily actions that “open up” space in my life.

The “space” I’m opening can be literal, physical spaces (such as clearing out beauty products and dresser drawers), emotional space (discarding items given to me by toxic individuals), financial space (stopping unnecessary subscriptions and other monetary “leaks), and even mental space (practicing meditation).


I’ll give meditation a go while I do the #MakingSpaceChallenge

Little actions leading up to big results. I’m looking forward to seeing the actions accumulate and being able to share not only how much space I’ve made for the upcoming year, but also how clearing space impacts me right now. I’d love some company while I do this challenge, so if you’re interested, feel free to indulge every day – or even just a few days – in the challenge, and use the #MakingSpaceChallenge hashtag so I can see you and give you a shout out on my Instagram. I look forward to seeing all the creative ways that you all #makespace over the next few months!