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Listening to My Creative Cycles

Happy Sunday, friends! I had been experiencing some emotional lows over the past few weeks and I recently came across an article that really put things into perspective for me.

Over on Affirming Spirit (a website created by teacher, artist and Law of Attraction guru Nancy Barry-Jansson) I read a post about entrepreneurs are more effective when they work with their natural creativity cycles. As I read it, I had a “lightbulb” moment: I’ve been resisting a natural cycle!


Embrace each phase of the creative cycle

According to Nancy, there are four stages to the creative cycle: gestation, inspiration, creation/birth, and renewal/rest. You see, I am constantly in “create” mode. I love creative expression and didn’t think that I needed a “rest” from it because I loved it so much. I know the importance of recharging but I never paid attention to how I needed it for my current creative endeavors.

I also don’t allow enough time for the other stages: I tend to want to fast-forward from gestation to creation without allowing enough time for inspiration to come in and guide me. This disorderly way of going about things is part of the reason why I had been feeling out of sorts lately. Yes, I’m sure there are other things at play, but this part can’t be ignored.

So, even though I’m committed to completing my NaNoWriMo project, I will be incorporating a lot more rest into my routine. I’m also going to stop “rushing” through the phases of the cycle so I can have an energizing and satisfying creative experience. This will require some changes on my part, but I think it’s worth it.

That’s all for today. Take some time to get familiar with your creative cycle and learn to respect the phases for the best results. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!

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