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How to Look Like Marilyn Monroe

As part of the Hollywood Glamour series, I wanted to find clothing that channeled the old Hollywood aesthetic. There are a lot of vintage clothing stores, that specialize in authentic vintage as well as recreations. But these stores are plentiful and, honestly, you could easily locate them on your own.

I wanted to bring something a little less known and even more special that what you’d find in the average Google Search.

Enter Iconic Dresses.

This Etsy shop features replicas of some of the most stylish ensembles on the silver screen during Hollywood’s golden age. They have quite a few Marilyn Monroe outfits from various movies, but they also have recreations of outfits worn by Jayne Mansfield, Betty Grable, Jane Russell, and more. These custom-made pieces capture the authenticity of the period reflected but the designed are so timeless that they look perfect on the woman of today.

One of my favorite ensembles is the leopard muff and cape, black top and black skirt that Marilyn wore in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. Here’s a glimpse of what Marilyn looked like in the film:


(from Pinterest)

I mean, come on: who wouldn’t want to look like that daily? This ensemble is just as stylish today as it was when Marilyn first wore it. These pieces are more expensive than most of the vintage reproduction shops’ offerings, but Iconic Dresses doesn’t mass produce the clothing, so a higher expense is expected. Also, the clothes are so striking and gorgeous: you’re getting the uniqueness that you’re paying for.

I plan to get an ensemble or two from Iconic Dresses before the end of the year (I have to downsize my wardrobe a bit more, so that I have room for new clothes!) I’ll let you all know as soon as I get it!


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