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Words of Wisdom: Eartha Kitt


It’s no surprise that I am an enormous Eartha Kitt fan (I posted a YouTube video with one of my favorite Eartha interviews, and I included her book in my self care kit). But, funny enough, I hadn’t done an Eartha Kitt Words of Wisdom post.

Until now.


I think Eartha’s story is fascinating: it’s both heartbreaking and inspirational. Born poor and suffering tremendous abuse during her younger years, she eventually became a star that capitalized on her impish beauty and unique singing voice. She lived on her terms, traveling the world and parenting her daughter in great style.


I think that’s the part of Eartha’s story I find most inspirational: her relationship with her daughter was the most important relationship of her life. Parenting isn’t easy, and parenting on the road, when there are engagements, obligations, and other demands that must be handled, had to be tough. Yet, she parented her daughter well: they maintained a close relationship, full of love and laughs, until the end of Eartha’s life.


Her daughter, Kitt Shapiro, is the owner and operator of Simply Eartha, a website that offers housewares, jewelry, and other goods that are inspired by Eartha’s warm and natural tastes. Many of the items offered on the website feature Eartha’s quotes, which Kitt fondly calls “kittisms”.


I hope you all enjoyed this post about the incomparable Eartha Kitt. Talk to you all soon!

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