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Remembering Who You Are

I’m resting up after having several busy weeks. So this post is going to be a simple one.

I came across this Audre Lorde quote last year, and I often think about it when I am feeling a bit “ungrounded”. By the way, if you haven’t checked out some of the other Audre Lorde quotes I’ve shared, check them out here.


(image courtesy of Quotefancy)

Remember who you are: even in moments of confusion and frustration, don’t forget the essence of YOU. Everything – even the unpleasantries – are part of the tapestry of your life. You’re never really lost or insignificant: YOU are everything you need to make it in this life, and YOU have all the tools you need to adapt, grow and enjoy the process.

Much love to you all, and chat with you all tomorrow.

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