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Happy Monday, friends! I hope today is the beginning of a wonderful and prosperous week for you all!

After having a tough couple of weeks, I came across a photo that I took after eating a fortune cookie. Sometimes, inspiration comes from the most random places . . .


Full disclosure: I’m generally always working on two or three goals at a time. My bucket list is extensive, so I only do “hyper-focusing” when it’s a big deal. Constantly working on some goal or dream can take its toll: you can feel burnt out and exhausted. It takes a lot of energy to go for what you want out of life.

So, I decided to put them all of my dreams on hold for a while as I explored other options. Sometimes,  putting your attention elsewhere gives you some time to rest and restore before you handle the next leg of your journey. I was hoping that the other options led me to the place and circumstance that was meant for me.

Sadly, it didn’t work out that way.

I felt like I’d wasted my time and energy. I felt kind of low and drained, and not particularly motivated. Worst, I felt frustrated, because I hadn’t made any noticeable progress.

Then I came across this photo. And I remembered who I am, what I’m doing, and that there’s no such thing as wasted time.

That’s worth repeating, so let me say it again: There’s NO SUCH THING as wasted time. There are wins and there are lessons, nothing more. So I may not have had any wins, but I certainly got some lessons.

Now, it’s time to make peace with those lessons, move past my fear of failure, and take my next big step.

The lessons have prepared me. I’m ready.


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