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Words of Wisdom: Simone de Beauvoir

In light of the crisis surrounding the state of women’s rights in the US, I thought it would be fitting to do a Words of Wisdom post featuring writer, feminist and activist Simone de Beauvoir.


I came across de Beauvoir when researching some other women writers of the 20th century. I’d heard of her but wasn’t familiar with her work. However, after digging into her background and learning more about her perspective, I was impressed with what I learned and knew she had to have her own post on my blog.


Simone de Beauvoir’s views on womanhood and the world at large were some of the founding principles of the feminist movement. I loved that she lived her life, on her terms, and left her thoughts for us to ponder down to this day.


I especially love the thought that “one becomes a woman”. Womanhood is cultivated and I love being one. I love the ritual, the beauty and the beautifully nuanced existence that is womanhood. It’s a pleasure for me, and I love the fact that the womanhood experience is an intentional one.


That’s all for today. Enjoy your Tuesday, and I’ll talk to you all soon!


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Words of Wisdom: Audre Lorde

When I first started on my emotional and spiritual journey, I came across a lot of unsound advice from well-intentioned (but clueless) friends and family. The main problem with the advice I was receiving was that it lacked nuance and context for my specific circumstances.


They knew me but they didn’t KNOW me, if you get my drift.

I kind of resigned myself to walking this path alone, until I came across the quote, “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house”. I was perplexed by it, but I thought it was interesting enough to dig deeper and learn who said it first. My research led me to Audre Lorde.


And. My. World. Changed.


I found so much of what Audre wrote about mirrored my personal experiences, frustrations and concerns. She inspired me to find my voice, to own my personal power, and to care for myself. I owe a lot to Ms. Lorde.


Whether you’re familiar with her or not, I’m sure you’ll find a gem among her words. The hardest part of this post was limiting the number of quotes so as not to inundate you all.


Enjoy, and talk to you all tomorrow!

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